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Realm for agents:

Realm is a one-stop-shop for you to get unbiased data and property insights to your clients, past clients, or prospective clients homes. Our recommendations help your clients increase the resale value of their home, maximize rental income, access capital, and enjoy their space more.

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Use Realm to

Streamline your process

Most buyers want to change at least one thing about a property they’re considering buying. Print out a Property Potential report for your next open house and stay one step ahead of these questions.

Nurture your relationships

The dashboard allows you to share personalized insights on home project costs, ROI, and valuation trends with past clients or warm leads. It's an easy & high-value way to deepen your relationships and create new leads.

Become more innovative

With a shortage of move-in ready inventory, more buyers are considering properties that don’t meet their exact criteria. Help them compare and contrast options by inviting them to use our Property Plan.

Why our data is different

  • We use our own data sources

    Other automated home valuations rely only on public real estate data, which tends to be outdated and incomplete. We augment public data with our own collected data to improve the accuracy of our models.

  • We focus on what’s possible

    Whereas other platforms provide a static estimate of what your home is currently worth, we focus on the potential of a property and educate our customers on how different features of a house impact its value. 

  • We partner with local experts

    We know that there are nuances to every market. That’s why we collect input from local construction experts and real estate professionals to validate & refine our models. The combination of data & local expertise is more powerful than either on its own.

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The cool thing about Realm is that its estimates are specific to a neighborhood which makes it terrific at showcasing clients which home renovations or remodels will net the highest ROI.

Having access to this data is a true game changer. I can’t believe there’s no limit to how many properties I have access to for free.

Realm's platform is like having a general contractor with me at all times to give estimates on different projects that my clients are considering.

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Select "I'm a Realtor" to get access to the tools we've built specifically for agents.