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Your house is your biggest asset. Let's start treating it that way.

Realm will show you the best ways to make money, save, and invest.

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Realm analyzes thousands of unique data points about your property to provide customized insights and recommendations.

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There's thousands of things you can do to your property. What should you do? When should you do it? What have your neighbors done?

Realm ranks all of the things you can do, based on their impact and cost.

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Now you know what you want to do... but don't know how to do it? We're here for that too. Our concierge team makes adding value to your house hassle-free.

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Why Realm?

Single view of your home finances

A complete analysis of your property's potential, with actionable insights that will have a real impact on your finances.

Make money

Maximize rental income and re-sale price by getting the most out of your land. Borrow money at the right interest rates through our lender and loan match.

Save money

Lower your monthly mortgage payment, avoid overspending on large projects.

What are people saying about Realm?

  • We have wanted to put a second home for rental income on our property but the confusion of research, building rules, and the difficulty of finding trustworthy contractors have kept us from accomplishing it. With Realm, we are finally going to be able to accomplish it!
    Jacob D, Riverside
  • My family and I were fortunate enough to find a company in Realm that makes life for us easier when it comes to managing big home projects. The business model they have setup is brilliant to serve those with busy lives. Think of it has a project management firm and one-stop-shop for all things home-improvement, remodel, etc.
    Edmund K, Brea
  • I wanted to build a granny suite for my parents to live comfortably in, but I wasn't sure where to start or how to get a team to put it together. Realm taught how and what I need to do to get this project done right.
    Sally S, Lake Forest
  • Realm was really helpful assisting me plan the reuse of my space. The employees were courteous, and helpful and helped me figure out what would work for me and what wouldn’t.
    Venita D, Irvine

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