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Earn rental income, add space for loved ones, and increase the value of your property.

We make building a backyard home easy and affordable.


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Your property, goals, and finances are unique. Get a free property analysis. We’ll tell you what to build and why, even if that means building nothing at all.

Make More Money

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Only 1K down and low monthly payments. No surprise costs. No profit sharing. The upside is yours.


Building a 2nd home isn’t easy. We assemble a team of the industry’s top professionals for each project, and manage the process from start to finish. On budget and on time.


Just Give Us Your Address.

We’ll analyze hundreds of data points to uncover what you can build and what you should build. For free.

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Floorplans, exterior look and feel, pricing, and timeline – all customized for you and your goals.


Like What You See?

Pay a refundable 1K deposit, and we’ll get to work. Within 30 days, we’ll kick off your project with a site visit.


Realm Determines The Most Cost Effective Way To Finance Your Project.

Our partners offer flexible terms and low interest rates. Funding complete in days, not months.

Avoid Spending Hours At The Permitting Office.

Your Realm Project Manager will handle the paperwork, long calls, office visits, and inspections.


We’ve partnered with the industry’s top architects, engineers and contractors to ensure better quality and faster build times.