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8025 Maitland Ave, Inglewood, CA, 90305

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8025 Maitland Ave, Inglewood, CA, 90305

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0.28 acres


4,039 sqft sq ft


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Increase Value $124k

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Increase Livable Space 1,893 square feet

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Your Top Projects

Projects are customized based on the age of your home, your recent renovations, and what you're allowed to do

1st Floor Addition

Because the size of your home is the biggest factor in determining its sale price, adding an addition is one of the most effective ways to add value.

Cost in 90305: $135k
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Kitchen Renovation

Completely upgrade your kitchen, from cabinets to countertops, to make it a more enjoyable space for years to come.

Cost in 90305: $96k
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Backyard Home

Build a new Accessory Dwelling Unit from the ground up. The space can be used as a rental unit or additional space for family members.

Cost in 90305: $162k
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Bathroom Renovation

Gut renovate your bathroom, upgrading everything from the shower to the vanity, to give it a completely new and refreshed feel.

Cost in 90305: $31k
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What is Realm and how does it estimate the value of my home?

Realm is a free, centralized data hub for homeowners. We analyze hundreds of data points about each home including size, layout, quality, and amenities and compare to neighboring homes to estimate current market value. We highlight opportunities to increase property value through square-foot add-ons, renovations, new amenities, and more, helping families to enjoy their home more in the present while getting more value from it down the road.

How much is this house worth and is your estimate accurate?

Based on publicly available real estate data, Realm estimates your house is currently worth $1.16M. We will refresh our estimate if you share information on recent renovations or changes you’ve made to your home to ensure it's as accurate as possible.

How does Realm estimate the potential home value for 8025 Maitland Ave?

Our potential value calculation looks at your home compared to the optimal home in your neighborhood. First, we review hundreds of attributes about your home, including categorical and numeric data. Then, we analyze the attributes of high value homes in your area to determine the optimal characteristic for each attribute. Finally, we compare your house as it is to what your house would be with all the optimal attributes.

How can I increase the home value for 8025 Maitland Ave?

There are 3 types of projects that have the potential to increase your home value: increasing space, updating existing spaces, or adding amenities. With your free Realm account, you can see what projects are allowed on your property, how much each will cost, and what impact they’ll have on home value.

How does Realm know which home projects to recommend to me?

We start by reviewing the current state of your home, based on data we’ve collected from a variety of sources and input that you’ve given us. From there, we figure out what is possible given your local zoning rules & regulations and what is optimal based on what home remodeling projects are trending in your neighborhood.

How much more space am I allowed to add to 8025 Maitland Ave?

Each neighborhood has different types of restrictions in place that dictate how much of your lot you can develop and where you can build. We’ve reviewed setbacks, lot coverage, and FAR limits for your property to analyze how many additional square feet you can add.