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Realm has all the data you need to navigate homeownership with confidence

Owning a home is a series of complex, expensive decisions

  • How much should I spend on renovating my kitchen?
  • Is now the right time to refinance?
  • Am I allowed to build an addition?
  • When will I need to replace my roof?

That’s why we built Realm.

No need to cobble together biased, anecdotal advice from local experts and friends any longer. Our platform gives you the accurate data you need to make smarter home investments. 

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Prioritize projects

If you’re like most homeowners, you have a never-ending list of upgrades, renovations, and repairs to tackle. It can be hard to know where to start! Our property-specific ROI estimates will give you the data you need to feel confident with your decision.

Get accurate project costs

Collecting 3 quotes from vendors for each project is a lot of work and you still might end up overpaying. Our cost estimates use local labor & materials to give you an accurate sense of a reasonable price for completing a project in your area. Plus, you can customize the estimates based on your preferences. Want to know how much more granite countertops will cot than formica? We’ll show you.

Learn about financing

For most Americans, home equity makes up over half of their total assets. Using home equity is usually the most affordable way to access funds for projects and other big expenses. But what’s the right amount to access without driving up your interest rate? If a home loan doesn't work for you, what are your other options? We're here to help.

Match with vendors 

If you live in California, a Realm Advisor is available to help guide you through the entire renovation process from start to finish. We'll hand select up to 3 vendors who are fit for your project and make the introductions.

It all starts with our data

Where other companies stay surface level, we get specific

Our approach to analyzing your home is different

  • More data

    We offer the most comprehensive data set on single-family homes, bringing together data from hundred of sources and including data we’ve collected ourselves.
  • Real-time home valuation

    Whereas other platforms provide a static estimate of what they think your home is currently worth, we allow you to update, edit, or change features of your house and refresh our home value estimate in real time.
  • Actionable insights

    Although there are many factors that impact home value outside of your control, our data is focused on the things you can change about your house. With the right decisions, you can increase your home equity while also creating a more enjoyable place to live.

Our data & insights are available for most single-family homes.

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Why I Founded Realm

With each additional investment I made, I kept asking myself: “Why doesn’t every American homeowner have access to the same information as a real estate investor, a commercial real estate developer, or a seasoned house flipper?” The average American homeowner has 62% of their assets tied up in their property, yet there is no resource to help treat a home as an asset. 

VP of Data & Ops

Where do houses have the most potential?

Although prices are undoubtedly rising, the good news is that most properties still have a lot of potential. At Realm, we measure potential by understanding what a property could be worth with various upgrades & improvements.

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