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FAQs from agents in our community

Does Realm cost anything to use?

Realm is free for agents & homeowners to use. We will never charge you to use our data.

Why? Two reasons:
1. We get more value every time someone interacts with our data — it helps us to make our recommendations more accurate which helps us to grow our business.
2. We are lucky enough to have investors who believe in our vision and are paying our bills.

We make money by introducing homeowners to vendors who can help them with their projects. Currently, we only offer that particular service in California although our data is available in all 50 states.

How can I share Realm with my clients? 

Follow these steps
1. Log into your dashboard at
2. Click the green button in the upper left corner to add a property
3. Click share

Watch this tutorial for more details

What if my client has a question on your data? 

Intro us over email via [email protected] and we’ll help them out

How do I download a report for a property? 

Follow these steps
1. Log into your dashboard at
2. Click the green button in the upper left corner to add a property
3. Click report

The report will show the current value & potential value for the home as well as 4 projects.

We always show kitchen & bathroom renovations as those are the most popular projects, and then we show the 2 projects that have the highest return on investment based on trends in the local area.

If you need a custom report, just email us at [email protected]

I need some more information. Can I set up a meeting with someone from your team? 

Yes! Feel free to book a time using this Calendly or email us at [email protected]

How is your home valuation different from other real estate websites? 

Most other websites rely on publicly available data, focus on the value of the house as a whole, and calculate the value of the house in its current state. 

Realm, on the other hand, has aggregated new sources of data, focuses on understanding the potential of a property rather than the house in its current state, and analyzes the impact of the various components of the house.

Where do you get your project pricing data?

We’ve built our own model to allow us to quote projects instantly based on local price. Our project pricing is based on material & labor costs specific to the zip code where the property is located.

For each project, we’ve worked with a team of construction experts to understand the components of a particular project and translate those into a pricing template. Each templates covers the specific categories of materials (e.g. cabinets, appliances) that go into the project as well as labor (e.g. demolition, installation) and overhead (e.g. insurance).

How accurate is your data?

It’s accurate! It gets even better if our customers provide additional details about the property that we might not know about, such as a renovation that didn’t require a permit, a recently completed repair or changes to bed/bath counts.

To edit the data for a property, just look for the pencil on the property’s dashboard. From there, we’ll update your home value in real time.

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